The Parish of S Michael and All Angels

 Abbey Wood.

SUNDAY 5 April 2020


Dear friends as you will have heard we cannot have any public services at S. Michaels during the current emergency. Mass and the Daily Office will continue to be offered every day, but in the Vicarage. Even if you can’t be with us you will be in our prayers.

We are producing this sheet each week instead of our usual notice sheet, to keep everyone in touch and to provide some things to help you as you pray. Currently the only way for us to do this is to send it with an email. Please pass sheets or information on to those for whom we don’t have an email address.

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Isaiah 50:4-7

I did not cover my face against insult: I know I shall not be shamed

First reading

The Lord has given me

a disciple’s tongue.

So that I may know how to reply to the wearied

he provides me with speech.

Each morning he wakes me to hear,

to listen like a disciple.

The Lord has opened my ear.

For my part, I made no resistance,

neither did I turn away.

I offered my back to those who struck me,

my cheeks to those who tore at my beard;

I did not cover my face

against insult and spittle.

The Lord comes to my help,

so that I am untouched by the insults.

So, too, I set my face like flint;

I know I shall not be shamed.


PALM SUNDAY    Try to read the Passion of S Matthew  Matthew 26:14-27:66


MAUNDY THURSDAY  Try to read 1 Corinthians 11:23 -26 and John13:1-15


GOOD FRIDAY Try to read the Passion of S John.



It will not be possible for most of us to make confession during this Holy Week.  But we can still tell our sins to God our Father.  As Pope Francis said in a recent sermon.

Return to your Father who waits for you …The God of tenderness will heal us;  He will heal us of the many, many wounds of life and of the many awful things we’ve done. Everyone has their own! return to God is to return to an embrace, to the Father’s embrace..

Try to find some time in Holy Week to examine your life. Tell God about it and then perhaps use the following prayers.



we have sinned against heaven and against you. We are not worthy to be called your children.

We turn to you again.

Have mercy on us,

bring us back to yourself

as those who once were dead

but now have life through Christ our Lord.   

Church 2017-2018 - Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School


I love you Jesus; my love above all things; I repent with my whole heart for having offended you. Never permit me to separate myself from you again. Grant that I may love you always; and then do with me what you will.


Even if we cannot be at mass and receive Holy Communion, we can always make a Spiritual Communion. God will always fill our hearts with his grace if we ask.

I believe that You                                   Last Supper free vector | Download it now!
are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. 
I love You above all things, 
and I desire to receive You into my soul. 
Since I cannot at this moment
receive You sacramentally, 
come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You. Never permit me to be separated from You. Amen.




If you want us to bring someone or something to our Lord in prayer, please let Fr David know. Prayer is one of the most important things that we can do at this time.


Please remember these people in your prayers





‘I miss my hug’ said the elderly mother.  The son had delivered her shopping, but of course he couldn’t go in, couldn’t hug or even touch her.  They stood at the doorway, well apart and chatted.  The mother and son both lived alone, but in different places.  It would be another week before she saw him again.  He had to leave without hugging her, she watched him drive down the road, before she shut her door.

Jesus on the cross looked down and saw his mother and the friend he loved.  He too couldn’t hug his mother or his fiend.  What loneliness and aloneness, he must have felt on Good Friday.  The hated of all turned towards him, the religious authorities’ intent of self-preservation, the Romans showing the oppressors power, and then there was the venom of the crowd.  He looked around for companionship, for fiends.  But his ‘friends’ had run away in fear to hide, they were ashamed at having supported him.  One friend had even led the authorities to him.

What joy Jesus must have felt at seeing his Mother and his Disciple there.  That they had stood by him, even if they could not touch.

When Jesus looked from the Cross, the only thing he could do was speak.  He couldn’t say much, because of his weakness and the pain and he was struggling for breath.  ‘Woman behold your Son.  Son behold your Mother’.  From his loneliness he gave companionship, from his love for both of them, he gave them a new love that for each other, a love that that would sustain them in both grief and in hope.

Many of us this Holy Week, will have to enter the loneliness of the Cross.  We will be separated from the people we love, some of us will be alone, even Whats App is not like actually being with someone.  Some people will discover the loneliness of families or relationships.  Some of us will be with people that we would rather not be with, or of whom we are afraid.

As we struggle with Isolation, aloneness and loneliness, let us remember the focus of Jesus.  He turns from ourselves to others, from isolation to community.  Let us as pray that as we enter the loneliness of Jesus on the Cross He will turn us outside ourselves into love, that we will feel encouraged to reach out, where we can. to those around us.  May our experience of living this Holy Week lead us to rebuild community in the church and in the world.  We follow the cross in the hope of Easter, looking for day when we can hug again.

Fr David

© Fr D Sherratt March 2020. Fr David exerts his right as author of this piece and to its Intellectual Property

Fr David will observe the Liturgies and prayer of Holy Week this year as best as he can.  You will all be deeply in his prayers.

If the Archbishops change their minds and permit clergy to enter their church buildings to pray, he will be able to observe the liturgy in a truncated but substantial form.  The Liturgies will be at the canonical times.  Please read the this link with regard to this sad prohibition.

If as seems likely this continues to be forbidden.  He will say Mass privately in the Vicarage at 10:00 on Palm Sunday and at around 9:00 on from Holy Monday to Holy Wednesday.  Each evening he will keep a time before the Blessed Sacrament.  He will say an Evening Mass on Maundy Thursday. On Good Friday he will be limited to the Daily Office, Evening Prayer will be said at 15:00.  If you are at home please try to remember the hour of our Lords death at 15:00.

The Bishop of Fulham is broadcasting most the Holy Week Liturgies.  If you wish to join him on line please click here


HOLY WEEK. We begin today the greatest week of the Christian Year. Holy Week.  This will be very different from our observance of other Holy Weeks, but it is more important that ever that as faithful Christians we mark and keep it.  Our world at this moment needs to know more than ever the love of God in Christ shown the Cross and the deliverance and transformation it brings.  This year the walking of Holy week will not be something we do in church, but we will walk rather it in the reality of our world and our lives.  Please try to keep this week in reflection, penitence and prayer.

GOOD FRIDAY A reminder Good Friday is a day of Fasting and Abstinence, This means a light collation and perhaps only one meal, and this should not include meat.  Please try to keep this it is not a lot to ask.

EASTER DUTY. This year you are exempted from the obligation to receive Holy Communion at Easter.  There is a hope that we will still be able to gather again publicly later during Eastertide and share fully in the eucharist. Until then please try to make a Spiritual Communion.

FIRST HOLY COMMUNIONS.  We will start Preparation once we have resumed Sunday Services etc.,  If you are interested please email Fr David with names.

WALSINGHAM YOUTH PILGRIMAGE 2020.  If you are aged 11‑18 and would like to come this year email Fr David for a form.

FUNERALS.  If sadly you know of anyone who has to arrange a Funeral over the coming weeks, please advise them that if they want a member of the clergy to take the service, they will have tell that to the undertaker, otherwise they will be given a Civil Celebrant.  In some instances, the crematoria and cemeteries are limiting at the moment attendance to the Minister alone. Sadly, currently the Church of England insists that a full fee is charged even in this situation, this unfortunately is beyond the Parish’s control.  Fr David is happy to conduct funerals for anyone over the coming weeks.  If people want this please tell the undertakers and give them the contact details on this sheet.

PASTORAL WORK  If you need him for something or just want a chat, please phone or email Fr David, he is here for you.  During the current situation either email him on or phone him on 0779432357

If you are self-isolating and need help getting shopping etc, please let him know and he will do his best to find someone to help you.

A kind person has donated a quantity of food etc. for a family or persons who may need it.  Please contact Fr David if we could help you or someone you know of.

PARISH MAGAZINE.  We are unable to print and deliver this at the moment. but we have placed some of the articles from the April Magazine on the Parish Website.

PARISH GIVING If you are able to keep up your weekly offering to our Parish and would like to do it by Internet Banking the details are as follows:  Sort Code 30-99-88, Account No 00160771, Account Name is PCC Saint Michael and All Angels Abbey Wood.  In the reference section please put your name followed by; ‘Offering*. If you are able to do this it will be a big help to us as we try to keep our church running.


PARISH PRIEST. Fr David Sherratt. Tel.  0779432357


Baptisms, Weddings, forms etc. Please email Fr David.

Assistant Priest  Fr Derek Robinson

Churchwardens Mr Peter Ludlow,  Mr Christopher Harper